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5G: The Facts and the Future 2021 is almost ready. It’s free. 60 pages, loaded with data and projections. No hype. Worldwide coverage. tl;dr unless you’re really interested in wireless.

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Analysis Branch: 100 million 5G subscribers in August, 84M+ in Q2, prove 5G is real(August 31)
  • 5G use is exploding. At the end of June, China had ~65 million 5G phones, Korea 7.35 million, the U.S. 4-5 million, and the rest of the world perhaps 4 million. 5
  • As Chinese phone prices (US$199-260) reach the West and Apple releases the 5G iPhone, monthly growth will reach more than 20 million per month. See 5G Phones $199-260
  • By August, 5G users have reached 100 million. 14 million phones shipped in China in July
  • “5G still doesn’t have any use cases,” writes top Wall Street analyst Craig Moffett.

5G: The Facts and the Future

A global analysis from 2020 to 2025, with estimates that cut through the hype. “I will tell you, there’s a lot of units coming.” Liam Griffin, CEO Skyworks 5G is not going to change the world, no matter what you hear from Xi Jinping, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, or Angela Merkel. None of them…

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5G Flavors: mmWave is good, low & mid-band closer to 4G

Wireless has been getting better at a ferocious rate since at least 2013. Verizon calculates its cost per bit has been going down 40%-50 every year and expects that to continue. This has been true and is a good thing. “5G” has become a meaningless marketing term; most of the big advances happened in…

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$25,000 5G Cells Quantity 200,000. Confirmed Twice!

China Mobile has ordered 300,000 5G base stations at an average price of 160,000 yuan, about US$23,000. China Unicom is paying 160,000 yuan for the 250,000 towers it and China Telecom are upgrading. Including installation and everything else, the total cost is about US$50,000 per cell. “High cost of 5G” is a myth and…

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Happy to answer questions, offer background, share data and sources, and quickly provide quotes. Dave Burstein 347-603-6442 Analysis Branch: 80M 5G subscribers in Q2, 100M August prove 5G is real. (August 28) 5G use is exploding. At the end of June, China had ~65 million 5G phones, Korea 7.35 million, the U.S. 4-5…

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Telefonica: Traffic Down 13% as People Get Out

As Spain opens up, fixed Internet use is going down. It’s too soon to be sure of a pattern, but ultimately traffic growth should return to 20%-40% per year. Telefonica reports a 13% drop in traffic demand at 8 p.m. in the first week. Mobile demand has fallen 6%. Mobile traffic was only slightly…

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Shadow CTO

The Shadow knows how to build networks. A deeper look at key choices $Hundreds of millions in extra chip costs prove Open-RAN not quite readyMoffett’s Remarkable Insight: Low marginal cost means nothing if you can’t sell itPrimary: Cost per bit of wireless is falling at a ferocious rate5X Advance for Africa with Massive MIMO,…

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Analyzing Telecom

TRAI is demanding that all telecom gear, not just phones, move to Made in India. Turkcell’s Superbox 4G fixed wireless added 91,000 subscribers Q2. With far more 4G capacity than they can sell, telcos including Verizon are promoting 4G fixed. Canadian telcos claim 5G at 1.7 Gbps. Actually, in the spectrum they have, 300…

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5G 2020-2025: Surprise Free, Low & High Estimates

I have no experience writing fiction, but 5G estimates even a year out are speculative. Four and five year forecasts are guaranteed inaccurate because 5G is new and changing rapidly. Yet people building networks need to think years ahead. Reporters love the headlines. The year I spent researching 5G gives me some insight. Originally,…

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2020-2021: Networks Doing Fine in the Time of Corona

Amazingly, there have been close to zero reports of additional traffic causing important problems for people at home. The networks are successfully handling 20-50% traffic increases while still staying fast enough for almost all practical purposes. Traffic has now plateaued and speeds improving weekly. Median landline download speeds in 90% of U.S. cities were…

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