October, 2019 ~15M 5G Subscribers

I’ve been wanting to make this chart since May, 2019, when Verizon & Korea made big announcements. Korea is ~4M. 70% of the population is covered and soon 10% of the population will have 5G. China’s 8 million subs are less than 1% of the population but I expect explosive growth,

Neither Verizon nor anyone else has sold enough to release a figure. My guess is the world total outside of Korea and China is less than 1 million.

ChinaChina Mobile~4M
ChinaChina Telecom~3M
ChinaChina Unicom~3M

Most 5G “deployments” are little more than trials; only Korea & China have enough subscribers to release a figure. I expect a few others to reach a million before the first half, but for now two countries are carrying the burden.

One top executive of a giant European multinational agrees with me that the Chinese results are so good his company should also accelerate. But he hasn’t persuaded the decisionmakers.

China has more than twice the total worldwide and will be the 5G lead for at least a decade.

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