SA: 2021 Smartphone sales up 8% over 2019

An iPhone “super cycle” will drive revenues to US$400 billion according to Boris Metodiev and Linda Sui of Strategy Analytics. That’s up 13% over 2020, which was down 5% from 2019.

I believe over 600 million of the projected 1.4 billion sales will be 5G. 5G sales exploded in China as prices for decent 5G phones fell to $150-$205. See $152 Realme 5G Q2i at my Those prices are coming West. T-Mobile is selling 5G phones under $300 from Samsung, Lenovo/Motorola, and OnePlus.

All iPhone 12’s come with 5G and are selling explosively.

Counterpoint reports that iPhone 12 models held the top 3 places in January phone sales worldwide; iPhone 12 has >16% of the world market. Apple has almost half the phone market in the U.S., Australia, Japan & Canada. 60-70% of sales today in those countries are 5G.

I’ve had to raise my 5G sales estimate for 2021.

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