Massive Apple 5G sales to push 2021 past 600 million 5G phones

Apple had top 3 models in Jan

Almost all estimates of 5G phone sales in 2021 are likely too low. Counterpoint reports the three bestselling phones in January were iPhone 12 models, all 5G. One analyst expects Apple to break records in 2021, selling 240-250 million phones, mostly 5G.

~80% of 5G was China until November 2020. Sales elsewhere took off with the iPhone release. The US was something like 65% 5G early this year. Other countries with high iPhone sales – Japan, Australia, England – may have passed 60% 5G in Q1.

I have a 40 country spreadsheet I’ll soon publish. Ask if you need data sooner.

China’s phone prices are now reaching the West. 5G sales are taking off in the US and other countries where the economy is picking up. T-Mobile US is selling a decent 5G phone – the Lenovo Motorola 5G Ace – for $264.

27 million Chinese bought 5G phones in March. Five major brands have decent phones for US$150-205. At those prices, why buy anything else? The iPhone is also selling well.

Verizon and T-Mobile have started selling wireless home service. Both are hoping to rapidly reach 5 million and 10 million subscribers.

These figures do not include the home MiFi units, which have been few until now.

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