Maybe Believe: Ones to watch

  • RISC-V chip designs are accelerating. The processor is open source and royalty-free.
  • Michael Waring, possibly the most effective marketer in telecom, now CEO of Calix. The stock has tripled since Michael pivoted the company to systems that help its customers sell.
  • Accelercomm Professor Rob Maunder improves wireless performance through better coding software
  • Tarana Wireless Andrea Goldsmith tells me wireless has plenty of room for improvement. Tarana claims to have done it, with $100 million in sales to prove it.
  • Positron Access works well. It’s a very fast and cheap way to use existing wires to connect fiber to the basement or wireless to the rooftop

Mike Dano Light Reading

Outthinks any other reporter or analyst working in US telecom. Beats us all and highly reliable

Galaxy Space

Plans 650 LEO satellites with backing from China. Full 5G. First six 40 Gbps sats launched


Full LEO constellation. Backed by Bharti, Eutelsat, British government.

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