All subscriptions can be canceled for a complete refund for thirty days or a pro-rata refund at any other time.

Analysis Branch is a corporate-quality service for network builders, buyers, regulators, investors, and all looking to understand.

The written material offers news and analysis often original and hard to find. Always as accurate as possible, unafraid to have an opinion, without fear or favor.

Go behind the news with Closer to the Truth, quick reports about what matters, delivered as tweets or daily/weekly digest emails. A monthly publication, Closer bringing things together. Shadow CTO articles for reality checks and original perspective on how to build networks. More to come.

Price: $600/year for an individual, $1,700 for an organization. No charge for public interest advocates, unfunded academics, journalists and similar. (Really.)

Support and the answers you need. Ask me anything on any topic in the field. 10+ minute phone calls for a quick briefing, including when you consider a new customer or territory. Short when appropriate, longer iff more to say. Update calls to do just that. Every six weeks if helpful, reviewing relevant industry news. Ideal for marketing leaders.  Will they respond? reviews of your press releases and other communications. Presentation and Speech Reviews which often make them more effective. And more. $950/three months.

For reporters: Ask me short clear comments or detailed background. Deadlines understood. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., which I check compulsively.

If you just want information, just input your email. If you 


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