Neville Ray

Chasing Neville Ray: VZ & T building but will be behind until 2024-2025

T-Mobile US is building the best 5G network in the West. He’s reached 125 million with an average speed of 300 Mbps down, using the golden 2.5 GHz spectrum acquired from Sprint. Year end 2021 will be 200 million. 2023 or 2024 will be a guaranteed 100 down 5G for 300 million, 90% of the...

$80B 5G Auction: AT&T & Verizon rich enough to afford it

AT&T is a $207 billion company. Verizon’s market cap is $237 billion. Each has about $20 billion in cash flow per year. $40 billion is a helluva lot of money even for companies that size. Some pundits are panicking. But Craig Moffett points out the result could be “free cash flow accretive” after tax writeoffs....Continue reading

Millimeter Wave: What’s Goin’ On

Verizon has the only substantial mmWave network on the planet. They may have already covered 5% of the US, but most is not yet turned on. The company refuses to release any figures other than 30 million passed one day, about a quarter of the US. The majority of Verizon’s “5G” will be low or...Continue reading

Fiber: What’s Goin’ On

Telcos are adding fiber at a rapid pace. It makes money. AT&T’s CFO John Stephens explains that the fiber delivers three sources of revenue. Fiber works. I can use it three times. I can use it for my consumers. I can use it for my business customers. And I can use it for my wireless...Continue reading

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